Kim K & Taylor face-offs and the logical fallacy of internet argument

I can’t believe there would be a day I spent time writing about celebrities gossips and fights. However this particular fight between two major celebrities in the USA really caught my attention, not because of the incident itself but the reactions of people revolving around it.

This story showcases a very typical fallacy used by people who appear to lack reasons and evidences to defend themselves and avoid the “heavy lifting” of intellectual thinking in the most convenient way.

Lots of people might already know the story between those two but here is my summary: Kanye mentioned Taylor in his song “Famous” mentioning he could have sex with her and said “I made that b*tch famous”. Taylor said the song offended her and said she didn’t know about this even though Kanye stated he had asked her permission. Kim K is Kanye’s wife and of course she is angry because Taylor called her husband a liar and decided to release a video recording their conversation regarding this issue. Truth to be told, Kanye didn’t lie and he did ask Taylor’s permission.

The video hit the Internet like a storm and it soon is divided by two groups who are on the side with Kim K and who are defending Taylor Swift.

I have checked through several Youtube video comments, Twitters and Tumblr to see the reaction of people. Some use good logic, some use beliefs and said they don’t care what she did and some attack opponents to appeal to general public which is also the logical fallacy I would like to discuss.

First, they praise Taylor as a talented and beautiful musician while calling Kim K a porn star therefore Kim K’s word is not trustworthy.

Second, they attack Kanye because he acts like a jerk many times and he has horrible attitude while Taylor acts like a sweet-heart and therefore people should trust her.

This is a very mediocre and senseless argument.

Even lazy because the statement owners cannot think of any comprehensible arguments.

The fact that Kim K released her porn video and Kanye has huge ego problems doesn’t correlate with the legitimacy of their arguments. Their arguments lie on the claim of Taylor being falsely accuse Kanye of not informing her about the song while in fact he did.

When those people put down Kim K and Kanye as a person instead of addressing the core issue, they divert people’s attention to side-lined trivial matters (public displayed personality, actions and activities in front of fans and press) to call the argument absurd without providing a clear explanation. They also display the state of mind of simply not being overlook the difference and hatred to tackle issues, to get close to the core and try to learn from that. People without reasoning are hard to change and absorb new information which poses a threat into collaboration and progression.

Looking at the work of science, I always adore how scientists work to invent and discover groundbreaking everyday. Whenever they present a finding, they receive many feed backs, negative and positive likewise, sometimes attack and name-calling. However progressive scientists are open to constructive opinions and look beyond their initial beliefs to reach bigger pictures. Old findings get updated and replaced by new knowledge everyday. There we have progress.

Close your mind and ridicule people for what they did instead of pondering on issues lead you to the direction and same result every single time. Closing the gap of differences and accept to discuss with reasons, calmness and maturity require a great awareness and effort, and I hope many of people who argue online will see online discussion as an opportunity to learn rather than strengthening your bias and succumbing to the fallacy of reasoning.




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