Rug making – the introduction into a world of handicraft

Recently I had a thoughtful talk with one of my blogger friends and she shared with me how she’s opened her own business online doing what she loves – rug making.

Rug Making

I have never been a big fan of handicraft due to my clumsy nature and lack of creativity in color combination. But my friend said otherwise. I think the topic of handicraft is intriguing. Everyone knows about origami, embroidery, sewing, shoe making or pottery but little about rug making. I myself saw many TV series on country women making rug using a huge wooden machine called loom, passing a shuttle with colorful thread through the warp, carefully weaving complex patterns. I never imagined that this could be done at home with simple tools.

When doing a research on the topic, I get started with the informative and detailed book Rug Making: How Anyone Can Hook a Carpet written by Senda Eiko – a famouse handircarft teacher. I must say I have a soft spot for Japanese handicraft master and teaching techniques however I definitely don’t promote the book simply because I adore the author. The book is helpful for any beginner and self-starter like me who are introduced to the world of handicraft and not very confident on oneself’s skills. The author will lead readers to the world of rug making with a peacful and slow tone of voice with her beautiful design of rug and detailed instruction.

People say the world of handicraft is a process of mediatation then Senda Eiko would be your yoga instructor, guiding you slowly from the first step of how to breath and that you need to straighten up your back and do it right.

If you are still confused about what rug making is and if you should start to learn it or not, this following video will be very helpful for you.

This video helps you visualize what kind of tools you need for rug hooking and how a rug is being made. Also it features Danish Vintage Farm House Interior Design. Feel free to ask in the comment section.


It appears to be complicated at first, once you get used to it, you can explore your creativity and play with different designs.

You can also check out the store for rug making tools by Danish Farm House Interior Design.

Danella Hooking Tool

New books and new tools have been added to the store. One of my favorite is Yarn for Peacock: Tapestry Pattern. I would love to try this out and hang it in my guest room.

The world is full of voice, voice of technology, voice of people, songs, works and voice of our own inner critic thoughts. The first time I put my hand on doing a rug, to weave a wool, the world suddenly was so silent. I could not anything outside my breath, the text on the book and the feelings of the fabric on my hand. Even though at the end of the day, the things left on my table was a mess, I could still feel a wave of satisfactory rising ceaselessly on me.

I hope that my post would somehow contribute an idea to enrich your life and ease the pain of too much stress.

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